Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Time, how it flies

These five words compliments of my friend Lyschel, a very dear friend who's having a rough week camping with her 4 kiddos.



Linda peered out the living room window. It was raining buckets outside, the leaves sagging under the weight of water. She remembered rain like this when the kids were toddlers. All the raincoats and wet shoes. The complaints of soggy feet. And oh goodness, the mud...mud they would trek into the car and into the garage and the kitchen. She glanced at the hardwood floors, pristine for years now. The house was too clean without the kids.

Linda sank into the well worn couch. The one they bought after her water had broke while she sat in it the night their fourth baby came into the world. Grant had wanted to replace it many times, but Linda couldn't bear to part with it.

She checked the clock. Reese and his wife should be here by now. A deep ache filled her heart. Wasn't it just yesterday they were camping? Reese a little fellow of six, following Grant like a shadow. Learning how to fish. Roasting marshmallows that inevitably would catch on fire.

And now here he'd been married four years.

Tires sounded on the wet pavement outside. Linda ran to the window. Grant came up behind her and gripped her hand. They were here. Her baby boy and his bride, and they were bringing their baby with them. The baby they'd prayed for. The baby they'd waited two years for. The baby they'd flown all the way to China to get and bring home.

Up the walk her baby boy came, carrying his own baby. Linda's heart nearly burst with joy. Sometimes she wanted to keep her children young forever. But this - oh this - was going to be so much better. She ran to the door and flung it open.

Because bacon makes it better

I got some awesome words today. Here's the first story that popped into mind, based on this lovely combo:


She may hate Wendy's from now on.

Emma peered over her junior bacon cheeseburger at Lydia Burns. Who had invited her? She cast her eyes at her best friend Livi, who was sharing fries with her boyfriend Eric. No way it was them. And Emma didn't believe for a minute that Lydia had just showed up to hang out after school at a fast food place.

"So, Emma, how'd you do on that chemistry test?"

"I did pretty well," Emma said. Was this what Lydia wanted? A tutor or something?

Lydia laughed. "I bet you got a 100. Man, do you ever do anything but study? I'd die." Lydia tossed her long blonde hair over her shoulder. "I'd much rather have a life." She laughed again.

Emma forced a smile. "Well, I'm not studying right now." She'd like to tell Lydia that she didn't have to study that hard for it, and she had a life, thank you very much.

Eric nodded to the door. "Hey man."

Emma turned just as Jase plopped down in the chair across from her. Lydia's eyes lit up like fireworks on the fourth of July. Emma's bite of burger sank like a stone in her stomach. Of course. She had had a crush on Jase for months but Lydia Burns with her size 4 jeans and never-out-of-place-hair was going to waltz right in and snatch him, just like that.

"Hey Jase," Lyrdia cooed.

He glanced at her. "Hey."

Did he invite Lydia here? Emma wondered how suspicious it would look if she drug Livi to the bathroom to ask what she thought about all of this.

Lydia nodded to Emma's hamburger as she took a bite. "Gosh, Em, what is that?"

No, she didn't. Emma couldn't stand nicknames. No one was allowed to call her Em. She swallowed, ignoring Lydia's look of disgust. Lydia sipped her coke - diet of course. Emma sipped a long pull of her Dr. Pepper.

"It's bacon on a cheeseburger."

"Sounds gross." Lydia tossed her hair. She turned to Jase. "I can't believe I just ran into you guys. I had no idea anybody hung out here." She batted her big puppy dog eyes up at Jase. Good grief.

Did this doe-eyed disingenuous act really work with guys? Lydia started asking Jase about the movies that were coming out this weekend. Emma ignored her and focused on the out of date pop music wafting through the dining area. Maybe she could somehow shove a fry up Lydia's nose and make it look like an accident.

Jase cleared his throat and leaned away from Lydia and turned to Emma. "Did you say that's bacon on a cheeseburger?"

Emma nodded.

"Gross, right?" Lydia said. "I'd never eat something like that."

Jase kept his eyes on Emma. "I think it sounds phenomenal."

Emma's heart pounded in her chest. She couldn't fight the grin that crept on her face. Jase stood and before he turned to the counter, he winked at her.

She darn well nearly choked on her bacon.