Personalized Stories

I am now offering custom stories! I've written these for friends over the years, and they are one of my favorite things to write.The stories can be about anything and anyone - a child, grandchild, niece, nephew, or anyone else you love.


The stories can be used in a variety of ways, including:
  • make a custom book with photos of your child via Shutterfly or Snapfish 
  • have it printed as frameable art to use as decor in a nursery or child's room 
  • Use the story as part of your family's annual Christmas card 
The possibilities are endless!

What you get:

A story starring your child or family. You send me their name and what you want the story to be about (Do you want them to be a princess, a pilot, or an astronaut? Do you want a story about how they came to be part of your family? etc).

In return, I will write a custom story in verse (aka, rhyming text). The story will be approximately 10 stanzas (a stanza is a group of 4 lines). Turn around time is around two weeks.

Cost is $15 for ten stanzas. If you want a longer, more involved story, message me details and we can work out pricing.

I will email you the story as a Word document. You can then take this story and do whatever you want with it. Examples of stories I have written are below.

For details, please email me at or use the contact form on the right.


Working with Amanda to write a story for my grandson was like magic.  She is a wonderful writer and does it so quickly.  She took some basic information and wrote the sweetest story.  I am very excited to put some pictures with his very own story and give it to him.  Amanda will make your day when you give her the opportunity to create a unique gift for someone you love. - Gail Cox

Amanda's story for my daughter was perfect.  I gave her a general idea of what I wanted and she created a personalized story that was better than I could have imagined.  I will be reading this special story to Ava for years and it will be something I will always treasure. -  Julie Earls

Lincoln and Livia 
(twins who came to be part of my friends' family via embryo adoption)

Lincoln and Livia, you are two peas in a pod!
Both tiny little blessings from our great big God!
Way before you were born, God planned your family tree.
Here’s the story of you, and how you came to be!

Once upon a time, God had a special plan,
It started with Daddy and Mommy, both guided by God’s hand.
Daddy followed Jesus, then to add some drama,
One day God led him along, and Daddy fell for Mama!

Daddy and Mama got married, and started with a family of two,
They were so excited to be together and see all God would do!
“We’ll follow Jesus,” they said. “Wherever He will lead.”
Little did they know what God had up his sleeve!

God let them to Russia, and back to the States again,
Mom and Daddy had no clue God’s plan would soon begin.
See, a very special boy was born oh so late one night,
God knew he was coming and said “He’ll fit just right!”

God closed doors on Dad and Mommy to help lead them on their way,
To the special little boy who lived so far away.
Then Dad became a Daddy and Mama was a mother,
When they went across the ocean to go get your big brother!

A family of three! What a great story God had written.
Daddy loved his Liam, and Mama was quite smitten.
Little did they know God wasn’t finished yet,
He was busy writing a story that they would never forget!

God’s ways are much better than what we could ever do,
He drew out his knitting needles and He made both of you!
Oh God’s plan was wonderful, and just for His good pleasure,
God hid you away, for you were a secret treasure!

Meanwhile Mom and Dad said, “Let’s grow our family more!”
Little did they know just what God had in store!
“I have you,” God told them when things got rough and scary,
“I love you so much! I planned something extraordinary!”

God had made two people, but they needed a home to grow,
And Mama’s belly was the best stage for God to put on His show!
For little Lincoln and little Livia - now your time had come,
Mom and Daddy were amazed at what our God had done!

Once again He wrote a story, part of His good plan,
For Livia to be Daddy’s princess, and Lincoln to be Mama’s man.
God loves Jesus very much, and wants everyone to see Him,
So He showed off Jesus a lot with Livia, Lincoln, and Liam!

God wrote you in His book before you ever came to be.
He always does good things! Just look and you will see!
Mom and Daddy love you, and brother Liam sure does too!

They’re so thankful for God’s story—the one about both of you!

Ella and Brooklyn (I wrote this one for twin baby girls)

My Ella, My Brooklyn, how much you are loved!
By Mommy and Daddy and by God up above.
Love looks likes lots of things - God made it just that way -
So we’d be reminded of love as we go throughout each day.

I love you my Ella, in a very Ella-like way.
I’m always thinking of you when I wake up each day.
I love you my Brooklyn in a way that’s just for you.
It’s a love very Brooklyn-ish, so loyal and true!

I love you both the same, but it will look different every day,
Because my love is just too much to be seen in any one way.
How much do I love you? Turn the page and see -
Love looks like a million things as it flows to you from me.

I love you like sunsets, the sun like fire blazing bold,
With orange streaks around it, turning everything gold.
I love you like a sunrise sneaking up over mountain tops,
Turning clouds pale pink and yellow, like big fat candy drops.

I love you like a summer day with big clouds stacked up high,
We count them and create pictures as they go dancing by.
I love you like night in winter, when snow paints everything white,
And you can see the stars in the sky shiny and twinkling bright.

I love you like the ocean with its crashing waves and tide
That reminds me of God’s love for you, so vast and deep and wide.
I love you like the mountains, up atop the highest peak,
Where breezes run free and wild and we can hear God speak.

I love you daffodil yellow, like sunshine on a spring day
When light spills from heaven and shines on us as we play.
I love you blue like a summer day, when the sky reaches end to end,
Like God stretched out a blue blanket and used it to tuck us in.

I love you tall like a giraffe, with its neck so tall and long.
My love for you is like that - it keeps going on and on and on.
I love you like a hippo, round and happy in the mud.
I love you even in your mess, when you’re covered in dirt and crud.

I love like a summer storm, with thunder booming loud,
It’s something you can’t ignore; it won’t get lost in any crowd.
I love you like a firefly, blinking light in summer’s eve -
Something small and wonderful, magic you can believe.

I love you loud like shouting or banging on a drum,
Or when I open wide and sing at the tip top of my lungs.
I love you quiet like whispers, or snow falling to the ground.
So gentle and so soft, it hardly makes a sound.

I love you small like a caterpillar, with its legs so very tiny,
Crawling out onto a leaf on a day bright and sunshiney.
I love you big like an elephant with ears floppy and wide,
And a great big long trunk that sways from side to side.

God put you two together right from the very start,
When he put you in Mommy’s belly and inside Daddy’s heart.
My love’s the same but different, but I love you, yes I do!
I love you my Brooklyn and Ella in a way meant just for you.

Farmer Jack:

One morning at seven Jack Farmer woke with a start.
Sweat slicked his brow and a fast beat hammered in his heart.
Something was the matter, but what? He just didn't know,
But a funny feeling was starting to grow.

He studied his toes and his fingers and belly.
What was wrong? Was something weirdly smelly?
No, not a smell, but a tingle, a twitch,
because all over his body Jack started to ITCH!

Little red dots lined his skin - was he still dreaming?
But no, they were real, and Jack felt like screaming!
Were they bugs? Jack wondered and he gave one a squish,
But they weren't disappearing like Jack had wished!

He tumbled out of bed and ran from the room,
Was he dying? At age six? Oh that seemed all too soon!
He raced to his mom’s room, barreling through the door like an ox.
"Uh oh,"said mom, "You’ve got chicken pox!"

"But wait," Jack said, "I’m not a bird!
Pox from a chicken? Now that’s just absurd."
"Anyone can get it," mom said, and Jack squirmed in his socks.
Could anyone or anything really get chicken pox?

What about a tiger, with sleek stripes of black?
How'd a chicken get so close to a tiger without becoming a snack?
And tiger’s had stripes, not red itchy dots
(But maybe leopards could get it, cause leopard’s had spots).

What about a porcupine with it’s sharp pointy quills?
If a porcupine had a fever, I wonder how it feels?
Jack scrunched up his nose and stared at the ground
How would the chicken get past the prickles to spread the pox around?

A monkey would be easy (they didn't have stingers, Jack had looked)
And chickens could fly (except the fried ones mom cooked).
But a monkey with chicken pox? What are the chances?
How’d a chicken catch a monkey as it swung through the branches?

Jack fought not to itch but had a hard time
As the idea of anyone getting chicken pox swirled through his mind.
Mom said it was true but Jack just couldn't imagine
He had, after all, never seen chicken pox on a dragon!

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