Tuesday, June 10, 2014

And, here it is

Ok. So, I have gotten some fantastic feedback from some published writers, one editor, and my super savvy husband, and this is where we've landed. Read it, and tell me whether or not you would be enticed to snatch this book off the shelves and be dying to read it ;)


Overcoming her past keeps ruining her future.

Abandoned at birth at a ramshackle inn, Auriella grew up abused and hated by those she was left with. The man who rescued her from a life of servitude, and is now her father, is Captain of the King’s Guard. All she wants is to forget her past, but it haunts her, whispering unworthiness over her every day.

Battling the fear that her horrible past makes her unloveable, Auriella is determined to find a way to prove her worth. Just as a spark of romance with one of her father’s men starts to convince her that love need not be earned, she witnesses the brutal beating of a servant girl and realizes she can no longer hide her brokenness.

Helping the girl could redeem Auriella’s past, but it means breaking the law, and that may be the one thing that rips her away from the father she’s grown to trust and the boy whose love she wants the most. She will need to choose whether to help the servant girl escape a hell that is all too familiar, or turn her back on someone who needs her.  One choice will place the love she’s always wanted at risk. The other may protect her heart, but at the expense of another’s life.

SHATTERED, a YA novel complete at 82,000 words is the first in a planned series. It tells the story of a girl desperate for healing from three points of view:  the girl who can’t see her own worth, the father who rescued her, and the boy who’d wage war to save her, if only she’d let him.

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