Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A little princess and her water dragon...

Because if these words were a color, they would be pink!

Today's words for Five Word Wednesday come compliments of my friend Kelli's little girl, Alaina. Great list of words sweet girl! Here is a story just for you!


Princess Dahlia!”
Nanny’s voice skipped across the castle lawn. Princess Dahlia ignored the voice and held a fat caterpillar up by its head. The bug’s little feet pushed through the air, looking for a place to land. Dahlia closed one eye and studied the bug as it danced in the air. Then she gently placed it on a flower petal.
“There little bug,” she told it. “Now you’ll be happy.” She wiped the mud on her gown and turned to where Nanny came running across the lawn.
“Oh Princess,” she said. “Come quick, before the Queen finds out!” Nanny, normally so friendly, grabbed Dahlia’s hand and dragged her back across the lawn so quick that Dahlia’s crown nearly fell off her head.
“Nanny, what is the matter?” she asked.
“Doris has gotten out again!”
“Oh bother,” Dahlia said. They reached the castle moat, where a puppy sized blue green dragon splashed in the water below.
“Doris!” Dahlia yelled. “You’re supposed to stay in the royal bathtub until you’re big enough to be in there.”
Doris roared a tiny dragon roar in reply then plunged back beneath the water. Dahlia turned to her sister. “Violet, did you let her out?”
Violet shook her head, her blond curls falling over her chubby toddler face. “Doris swim!” she said, clapping her hands.
Dahlia wanted to laugh but didn’t. A five year old princess had to take charge, and not be outdone by her baby sister or a naughty dragon. She ripped the lace from her dress (which made Nanny nearly faint into the royal rose garden), and made a snare, then snagged Doris out of the water. “Good thing she’s a water dragon,” Dahlia said. “If she flew we’d never get her back.”
“Dahlia!” Her big sister’s voice clanged in her head like a toy cymbal. Oh no.
Dahlia turned her head. “What do you want, Rose?”
Rose adjusted the crown on her head, making sure it was just so. Eight year olds are very particular. “If Mama finds out, she’ll have Cook turn Doris into stew.”
“Dragon stew! Dragon stew!” Violet chanted, her cheeks turning pink.
Dahlia scowled at both her sisters. “Doris would make a better dessert than stew, I think. Just look how sweet she is!” Then she thrust Doris up into Rose’s face.
Rose shrieked and fell into the moat, and Nanny fainted into the flowers again.
Dahlia shook her head and peered down into the moat. Rose bobbed up and down in the water, her crown now crooked on her sopping wet head. Dahlia looked at Doris. “Looks like it’s time to go swimming again.”

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