Friday, October 24, 2014

Friday is the new Wednesday.


A little high school basketball setting today, and I thought I would combine both lists I got to make a story.




"Did you see it?"
Allie swung her head as her best friend plopped onto the bleacher seat beside her. A swish sounded from the court and the crowd around them erupted in a roar of celebration. “What?” Allie asked, leaning in to hear Nat’s words.
“Julie’s response to your Facebook status. Did you see it?”
Allie whipped out her phone and read Julie’s snarky response. What was with people and their rampant a-holeness on social media? 
Nat gave her a knowing look before taking a swig of her drink. “She thinks the stars shine out of her butt. Which, there’s room enough in there, that they probably do.” Nat tilted her head to where the cheerleaders hovered. 
Ugh. Fat cows. Even now Julie Morris’ thighs clapped together when she ran into center court for the time out cheer. Not that it mattered. Her ample chest had boys flocking to her like moths to a flame.
“Easy Bake oven.” Allie said the words with a wry grin on her face. 
Nattie snorted, spraying her Diet Coke onto the guy in front of them. 'Easy Bake' was the label they gave girls who were known for being sleazy. “Only a light bulb inside of her,” Nattie giggled.
“Yeah, and it probably takes her an infinity to cook even the tiniest cake.” 
Nattie doubled over. 
Good gosh, only the two of them could talk about lewdness and desire in terms of a toy for a six year old.
Nat fingered the pearls at her throat, her dad’s version of a purity ring. “Now you have Jared, and you’ll leave me soon.” 
Whatever. Nattie was proud of her virgin status. She just hated that it meant she’d probably be the only member in that club by the time senior year ended. Allie bumped her shoulder. “Two months Nattie. We’ve only been together since Labor Day.” 
Not that she had any intention of giving it up to Jared soon. Dear stars. She wasn’t Julie Morris, and no one was going to use the term ‘easy’ in association with her, despite Jared’s feather light kisses and too-good-to-be-true good looks. She looked to the court as Jared took his place on it. He tugged the end of his jersey up to wipe the sweat from his face, then jammed it into his shorts, a hasty tuck-in to appease the ref. She watched him glance at the score clock. And then watched as he looked over to the cheerleaders at Julie Morris.
Who winked at him.
Oh no she did not. No way did that tawdry slut just wink at her boyfriend. Julie's lips quirked up in a smile and Allie could have sworn that she jutted her chest out even more. Allie whipped her head back to Jared, just in time to catch the tail end of a smile he was giving.
To her? Allie couldn't tell. But heaven help her, she would beat the pulp out of Julie Morris with Nattie's Diet Coke cup if she so much as glanced Jared's way again. And him? Allie would give him fifteen minutes after the game to shower and change, and if he wasn't out to give her answers, she'd walk into the locker room herself and drag him out. And if he thought he could date her and still have Julie Morris on the side, Allie would strangle him with Nattie's virgin beads. 

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