Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Words, words, everywhere are words.


So, I broke up with Facebook. Don't worry, it was mutual. I drowned myself in mint chocolate chip ice cream, and moved on.

But, all of my 5 Word Wednesday contributors came via Facebook. Ugh, it's like trying to find a new social circle after a breakup. ;)

If you happen to be here, kind friend, do comment with 5 little words. Making 5 word stories is my favorite. Don't be all mean and leave me with nothing, or else I shall drown my sorrows in ice cream again, and soon be fat. And diabetic.

Any 5 words....give them to me, and I'll spin you a story!


  1. feather words together facebook flocking

    1. yay! I was worried no one would comment ;)

  2. Stars, pearls, infinity, desire, cows