Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Ah, geek love!

(if you don't love Star Wars, there may be something wrong with you)
Oh ya'll, I had the most fantastic time with this story. So many books have nerdy girl meets guy, so I thought I'd change it up. ;)

Here are my 5 words, compliments of my oh so wonderful coworker, who always plays along with my Five Word fun:


This relationship had been doomed from the start.
Lily knew that. She forced her gaze from her shoes and looked at Josh. Lights from the street reflected off his glasses. Good. She wouldn’t be able to look into those brown eyes of his and end things with him at the same time. Oh gosh, what was she doing? But she might as well end it now, right? Ever since last night she knew. He’d been lounging on a beanbag in his basement, a half dozen of his friends around him as Star Wars played on the screen. Lily had watched him joke about the movie and talk about things she’d never understand. He’d made a comment about the upcoming election and she’d had an epiphany: she’d never be enough for him.
Her grades weren’t stellar. She got confused when people talked about the economy. And she could barely hold together any sort of an opinion or thought without Josh’s geek friends exposing her stupidity. Memories of being called ‘moron’ in middle school had haunted her all last night, crunching up her insides. So she told him they should break up.
Gosh, she really was stupid.
Should we break up? Her question hung in the air, unanswered. Lily glanced away, her gaze falling on the glowing marquee of the movie theater. She’d even given him an argument of why, a blazing expose on her lack of merits that she had spent two hours last night crafting.
Her lip quivered and she chomped down on it, refusing to cry. Best just get this over with. She looked up at Josh again, his hands in his pockets screaming unconcerned and nonchalant, while her stomach flopped like it was going to inside out itself.
“That’s a good argument,” he said.
Oh gosh. He was going to do it. It’s what she’d planned for and expected, but now that it was here it was the worst thing ever.
Josh shook his head. “But you're presenting an argument to someone on the debate team, Lil, and he opposes all of your thoughts.” He brought his thumb up to brush against her lips. “You’re not gonna win this one.”
Her heart beat twice before she bent her head and buried it against Josh’s chest. 
He wrapped his arms around her. “You rascal,” he said. “I thought we were done with this. You’re smarter than you think you are, Lil. And you're everything I want.”
A sob burst out of her. Oh sweet boy, he was dumb to stay with her, but she loved that he did. She clung to him and cried, smearing his Dr. Who t-shirt with tears and snot. “I love you,” she said.
Josh squeezed her and tucked his chin to her forehead. “I know.”

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