Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Because winter is dull, and we need a beach vacation

Christmas is over, which means that winter needs to leave, yes?

It's supposed to be 8 degrees here tonight, and this is the South! Excuse me weather, but you are very confused. *Sigh...*

A friend suggested a Caribbean setting for my 5 word story today, which is perfect. An escape from winter, even in my mind, sounds fabulous. Can we all just hop in a plane and go here?


Sadly, we cannot. But travel with me in your mind to some place warm and sunny! Here are my five words for today:

roller coaster

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
The wave that hit her had no mercy.

Cleary, as it spit her into shallow water in a heap, her legs sprawled out behind her. Another wave hit, sending her flying once more. Dark hair flung across her goggles and her snorkel flushed ocean into her mouth. Brooklyn spit out salt water just in time to hear Jack laughing.

“That was awesome!”

Brooklyn peeled the goggles off just in time to glare at him. And see his iPhone pointed her direction. Great, because what she wanted was for her most embarrassing moments to be caught on film and then broadcast over the internet.

“It’s going on Facebook, Brooks.” Jack hit a few buttons on his phone, too engrossed in making an internet spectacle of her to bother offering her a hand up.

Which turned out to be a blessing considering the bottom of her suit had hijacked her butt crack and embedded itself there. She righted herself quickly before Jack could notice and share it with the world.

“Are you going in?” she asked Jack. 

His snorkel gear still lay on his beach towel. First day in paradise and she’d been the only one in the water so far. How the others resisted she had no idea. Spring break in the Bahamas was something she wanted to soak up and savor.

“Waiting for Sam,” Jack said.

Just on cue, Sam called out to them. His swim trunks hung loosely on his hips and Brooklyn made herself look up at his face and not at his belly button. He carried a chair in one hand, two towels in the other, and had a bag slung over his shoulder. Casey, walking beside him, carried nothing of course.

“All hail the queen,” Jack said under his breath.

Brooklyn bit back a grin. She tolerated Jack just barely, but at least they had a mutual loathing of Sam’s current girlfriend.

Brooklyn removed the hair elastic from her ponytail and swept her hair back while they waited for Sam and Casey. Sam deposited everything in a heap on the sand, until Casey whined and asked him to lay out her towel for her.

Which Sam ignored.

Interesting. What was going on with them? Casey rolled her eyes and shook her towel out before putting it on the ground. The girl was a first rate moron. Solid B’s and not overwhelmingly stupid, but my gosh, Casey Langston needed a calculator to figure out how many minutes were left in biology each afternoon. What did Sam see in her?

Casey bent in front of the boys to flatten out her towel, her ample chest barely contained in her green bikini.

Well, that solved that mystery.

Still, Brooklyn knew Sam. The fact that he was with Casey and had been all spring semester of their senior year was crazy.

But probably only because Brooklyn was still crazy for Sam.

She pulled her eyes from Casey’s goods and smiled at Jack. “You gonna join me this time?”

Sam spoke before Jack could answer. “I’m in.” He stopped to pick up his own gear. “Let’s go.”

Brooklyn gave one last look at Casey, who stretched out with an issue of Cosmo. Sam was already headed to the water with Jack. Brooklyn trotted to catch up with them, her emotions a roller coaster

She’d dated Sam over the summer. And she loved him.

And hated him.

He infuriated her like no one else could. Got under her skin like an itch you couldn’t scratch and made you so consumed with irritation that it drove you to the worst version of yourself. Which is exactly what she had become when they were dating.

When they reached the shore Brooklyn bent over to rinse her goggles. Sam watched her and squatted down. "I’ve never snorkeled before," he said. "How do I do it?"

"Ah, watch and learn, Grasshopper."

He chuckled, and Brooklyn melted. This is what she loved - the banter between them. The quick wit, that had quickly spun out of control when they were dating and became shouting matches and horrible put downs. 

She swirled her goggles in the water beside Sam and his fingers brushed against her hand. The same way they did parts of Casey.

Brooklyn jerked her hand away and stood. Stuck for five days in paradise with the boy she still loved to hate, and his current girlfriend. Jack posting her fight with the ocean on the internet was just the beginning. Nothing about this trip was going to be merciful.

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