Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Prom and donuts and elevator music...

So, I had three tremendously fun lists given to me for 5 word Wednesday today, and I just couldn't decide which one to use. So I didn't. And instead, I used all three :)

And because my coworker and I were talking about doughnuts this afternoon, and I got to craving them, I had to throw those in here, too. *nom nom*


Here are my lists:

row boat
apple pie



Blair twirled a strand of her strawberry blond hair around her finger as she lay sprawled across her unmade bed. Elevator music drifted through her open bedroom door. She rolled her eyes and groaned. All the innovations and technological advances in the world and her dad still played Muzak from a cd player plugged in the dining room. Geez. But the boring music wasn't the only thing that would waft up the stairs. Dad was making dinner, which meant it would be something tasty.

And it meant she didn't have a lot of time. She needed to decide before her parents asked about it.

Graham Turner had asked her to prom.

Which was great. She was only a junior, and hadn't expected to get invited. But Graham Turner? Blair stared at the ceiling fan, watching the blades run round and round until they blurred and the fan danced in the middle of her vision, like she was a cyclops staring at it out of her third eye. Gah, she needed to focus before her plans to analyze Graham's every detail were thwarted by a text or a phone call or her dad calling her down to dinner. Did she want to go to prom with Graham Turner? If only she could be Sleeping Beauty and wake up to her true love staring her in the face, assured of who he was. Minus the whole being taken from your family and pricking your finger on a spindle thing.

Blair flopped over onto her stomach. Graham was a year older than her. Not popular but not unpopular either. They had calculus together and had talked a bit before, but never really been friends. He hung out with the senior football players. She hung out with her flag corp friends.

Graham wasn't bad looking. He was big but adorable, like an elephant. A little pudgy but in a cute panda bear type of way. He had blond hair that often flopped over his eye. And a smattering of freckles over his nose.

Graham hadn't dated anyone all year so far as she knew. He wasn't a hottie all the girls gushed over. He probably had never seen a chick flick before. There'd be no romantic dinners with candles for the girl that dated him. No rowboat picnics, or swirling hearts in the froth of your latte. He wasn't the kind of boy that made your heart thunder and your palms sweat.

He was just a good guy who would probably grow up and be a policeman and buy you a little house with three bedrooms so your four kids would have to share. He’d stop and get you flowers on holidays and you’d splurge on the powdered donuts he likes at the store. Yes, that was Graham Turner. Boy next door, as american as apple pie. The type of guy who would never cuss at you or tarnish your reputation. The kind of boy who gets up when the rooster crows and makes his mom breakfast in bed on her birthday, and who is so sweet it makes you want to throw him against a wall and make out with him like crazy.

Blair sat upright on her bed. What the heck was she thinking? Of course she wanted to go to prom with Graham. She'd text him right now and tell him. Scooting off her bed, she grabbed her phone where she had left it on her desk earlier. But no. Not yet. Cause what if they got to texting and then she got called to dinner? Daddy had a strict 'no phones at the table' policy. And if she wanted to grow up and marry Graham so that she could buy him donuts and make out with him after their kids had gone to bed, well then she should be available later to chat, right?


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