Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Elephant Love

So in lieu of five words, I asked for pictures today. And man, oh man, did I get some good stuff! I have stories I want to write for all of them, but we'll start with this little gem:

          Hello, said Danny.
Hello, said Fran.
          May I tell you something?
Well, of course you can.
          Sometimes I watch you.
Oh, really, you do?
          You're the sweetest thing.
Why, I think that of you.
          And well, I think you are lovely.
Oh stop, you big lug.
          You are so pretty!
Can I give you a hug?
           Your trunk is so delicate
 You're making me blush.
          And your ears are so big - No! I mean your eyes...your EYES are so big,
Oh, you shush!
          I brought you these flowers.
I'll put them in some water.
          They're not as pretty as you.
Could you be any hotter?
          I'd like to take you to dinner
Oh, I just ate!
          How about a movie?
I can't stay out that late.
        How about a walk?
Up over the hill?
          Will you hold trunks with me?
You bet I will. 

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