Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Big hair

She looked like an owl in a sombrero.

Cady pushed the straw beach hat further down on her head. But as soon as she took her hand away - boing! - her blond curls pushed the hat up a good six inches. Dear stars in heaven.

Maggie leaned past the doorframe, the smell of her sunscreen pouring over the room. "Are you coming?"

Cady pointed to her head. "I look like a doofus."

Maggie smiled. "You like fine."

"I look like a poodle." Cady poked at the mound of hair. Even after brushing it and pulling it as tight as she could, her curls gave her ponytail more lift than botox did to a middle aged woman. She slammed the hat on tighter and growled. "Maybe I should go without it."

"You will fry up like a lobster," Maggie said, pressing her tan finger into Cady's pale, freckled arm. "Remember last spring break?"

Images of blistered skin flodded Cady's brain. "Fine," she said. "From now on we will call my hair Gustav. He has a personality and mind of his own, and may as well have his own zip code for as much room as he takes up."

Maggie kissed her cheek and looped her arm through Cady's elbow. "Fine. You and Gustav need to come outside and see the cute boys who are playing volleyball not far from our towels."

Cady snorted. "The only boy I am interested in is one who has room enough in his life for both me and my hair."

"Noted," Maggie said. She dragged Cady through the sand, then elbowed her side. "What about that one? I think he's perfect for you."

Cady glanced to where Maggie nodded. A tall guy stood near the volleyball net, his tan legs bent and his calf muscles tight and ready to send him leaping toward the net. Cady let her eyes travel upward. His blue swim trunks were sensible. No nonsense. And not hanging half down his butt like some of the guys on the beach whose egos could rival her hair in size. No six pack, but he was lean, and muscles ripped all over him. Good gosh. Then Cady saw what Maggie meant. Of course he was perfect for her. The guy's head was completely shaved, not a single hair on it.

Cady gripped Maggie's hand. "Let's go watch."

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