Wednesday, September 10, 2014

5 Word Wednesday....zoo style!

Today my mood was the rhyming kind
Couldn't get a rhythm out of my mind!
So here's my words, and here's my story
Don't worry though -nothing too gory!


One morning at seven Jack Farmer woke with a start.
Sweat slicked his brow and a fast beat hammered in his heart.
Something was the matter, but what? He just didn't know,
But a funny feeling was starting to grow.

He studied his toes and his fingers and belly.
What was wrong? Was something weirdly smelly?
No, not a smell, but a tingle, a twitch,
because all over his body Jack started to ITCH!

Little red dots lined his skin - was he still dreaming?
But no, they were real, and Jack felt like screaming!
Were they bugs? Jack wondered and he gave one a squish,
But they weren't disappearing like Jack had wished!

He tumbled out of bed and ran from the room,
Was he dying? At age six? Oh that seemed all too soon!
He raced to his mom’s room, barreling through the door like an ox.
"Uh oh,"said mom, "You’ve got chicken pox!"

"But wait," Jack said, "I’m not a bird!
Pox from a chicken? Now that’s just absurd."
"Anyone can get it," mom said, and Jack squirmed in his socks.
Could anyone or anything really get chicken pox?

What about a tiger, with sleek stripes of black?
How'd a chicken get so close to a tiger without becoming a snack?
And tiger’s had stripes, not red itchy dots
(But maybe leopards could get it, cause leopard’s had spots).

What about a porcupine with it’s sharp pointy quills?
If a porcupine had a fever, I wonder how it feels?
Jack scrunched up his nose and stared at the ground
How would the chicken get past the prickles to spread the pox around?

A monkey would be easy (they didn't have stingers, Jack had looked)
And chickens could fly (except the fried ones mom cooked).
But a monkey with chicken pox? What are the chances?
How’d a chicken catch a monkey as it swung through the branches?

Jack fought not to itch but had a hard time
As the idea of anyone getting chicken pox swirled through his mind.
Mom said it was true but Jack just couldn't imagine
He had, after all, never seen chicken pox on a dragon!

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