Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A rather mature 5 word Wednesday

Five Word Wednesday

So today's story is New Adult (definitely a PG genre). Words courtesy of my lovely coworker who has abandoned me this week and gone on vacation (loser).

Here are her words, and my story:


Millie stretched her long legs as best she could in the cramped seat. Gosh, she hated planes. Her 5’10” frame didn’t have much room to expand in the tiny space Delta had given her. She flipped through her copy of Cosmo for the millionth time. It was the only thing she had in her purse, and the rest of her luggage had been checked.
Sighing, she leaned her head on Mark’s shoulder. He immediately shrugged her off. She looked at him, a scowl marring his handsome face.
“I’ve got work to do, Millie.”
Of course he did. He’d been on his laptop the entire flight so far. Well, what did she expect from a guy who traded stocks for a living? He was up for a big promotion, and time was money, he always said. Strange that he had plenty of one, and none of the other.
Millie flopped back in her seat. Dating Mark was supposed to be her grand adventure. She’d graduated from college with a degree in accounting, turned down a great job, and told her parents she was moving to New York to live with Mark.
They hadn’t talked to her since then.
She hadn’t minded at first. Mark was her world. He had plenty of money and kept her in the best clothes and got her into party after party. She had a personal trainer, and they had maids and a cook. Mark insisted she not work. He wanted her close.
Millie scoffed. What he wanted was to keep her available.
She had thought it sweet at first. He loved her, and wanted her. Then she found the receipt in his pocket. Which led to checking his phone when he was in the shower. And oh my, that had been as revealing as the lingerie he liked to pick out for her. She had turned down her dream for a man whore. He denied it all of course. Called her crazy. Said she was making things up. Being paranoid.
How was he going to react when he found out about her secrets? Millie looked up from Cosmo and studied his face. He didn’t even look at her. Stupid boy. While he was out hooking up with every big breasted slut this side of the Mississippi, she had been playing a little game of her own. With his boss.
Millie smiled. Two can play at Mark’s game. And she was winning.

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