Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Legos and an unexpected twist

First in today's 5 word stories. A little YA babysitting story. Five words compliments of my lovely coworker, Cheyenne.



Brady clutched her foot, hopping on the other one. Pain pulsed through her toe. Scowling, she glanced at the floor and the pile of stray Legos Luke had left on the carpet. Darn kid. As if getting paid eight dollars an hour was worth a dinner of cheap pizza and hours spent cleaning up a living room that looked like it had been the landscape of a war launched by Mattel. Gosh, she hated being here.
It's more money, Brady. And time you don't have to be home. She scooped up the Legos and dumped them in their bright yellow tub. The other toys littering the beige carpet were quickly tossed into the wicker hamper Ms. Collins used as a toy chest. Because heaven forbid toys be seen in a living room. Brady crammed a stuffed Ewok into the hamper, then wedged the lid back on as she glanced at the clock. Of course. Because Ms. Collins said they’d be home by 9 at the latest. 
Brady cursed under her breath and plopped onto the sofa. She couldn’t turn on the TV. Luke was a light sleeper, and even if the volume was down so low she could barely hear it, his sonic ears would pick up on it. Unlike Will Carter who she babysat on Saturdays. That kid could sleep through an alien invasion. His parents paid nine dollars an hour, and she was free to scour their fridge. Which she did, shoving Capri suns and piles of string cheese into her backpack before she left each night. That way on Sundays she didn’t starve at home, despite her stepmom’s best attempts to be an ass and make it otherwise.
Headlights danced across the living room curtains. Finally. Brady stood and fluffed the pillows on the couch, then grabbed her bag off the floor. She dug her keys out and was standing by the door when the Collins’ walked in.
“Hi, Brady,” Ms. Collins cooed. “So sorry we’re late.” She flipped her platinum blond hair over her shoulder. “We lost track of time!”
Of course they did. Brady smiled. “No problem. My dad’s expecting me home in fifteen, so I’ve got just enough time.”
Mr. Collins pushed his wife gently up the stairs. “I’ve got it, honey.” He took out his wallet as his wife crept up the stairs.
Brady shifted on her foot, the sting from the Lego flooding her. Grounding her as memories flashed through her mind. Mr. Collins took a few bills out of his wallet and took a step toward her. Brady snatched the cash from his hand and opened the door before he could so much as breathe her direction. No way in hell she’d let that bastard ever touch her again.
Dark ending, right? *shivers*

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