Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Prom and worms? And Transformers?

Five words:


Callie peered up at the white board, Aimee's loopy script glaring back at her. Was she kidding? Aimee turned to the group, face beaming. The eyes of everyone in charge of advertising for prom peered past her. Ancient Greece.
Callie scrunched up her nose. Aimee would do to prom what Michael Bay did to Transformers: destroy it. No way in heck was Callie going to let that happen. “I don't like it," she said.
Aimee pinned her with a glare. "It doesn't have to be Greece," she said. "It could be any ancient culture."
Callie swallowed. "That's ridiculous. We might as well name it “Magic of Mesopotamia.”
"You don’t have to be so snippy, Callie. The committee liked my idea."
Like hell they did. Callie stared at her. How could she tell such a flagrant lie? Callie’s heart thudded inside of her chest, her anger sizzling through her veins like hot lava.
Aimee capped her dry erase marker and put it down. "We'll start planning next week. For now, let's get the fliers finished." She nodded to Callie and Ben. Everyone else filed out of the room. Callie wrenched open her laptop.
Ben shot her a look. "Hate to open this can of worms, but what’s with you two?"
Callie sighed. "Friends since sixth grade, then I accidentally tipped her canoe over at summer camp summer of eighth. She’s hated me ever since."
"Really? Over something that small?"
Callie nodded. "I've tried apologizing. a gazillion times" She shrugged. "Finally gave up." So what if she lost her best friend? Callie scoffed. Not just lost her. Aimee had made it her mission to hate Callie. Always assume the worst. Always paint her in the worst possible light.
How did that ever happen? "Hey." Ben nudged her shoulder. "We can do this later. Let's go get a milkshake or something."
She shook her head. Fliers for Ancient Greece. "We should get these done."
"We can finish tonight."
Callie's fingers hovered over her keyboard. Why did Aimee hate her so badly? "School closes the doors at five."
"We can finish at my house tonight. My parents won't mind." Ben snapped her laptop shut.
A heartbeat passed before Callie realized he'd closed it. She'd been too focused on Aimee. Fixated on her. Not just today. For all of freaking high school. What all had she missed?
Ben stared down at her. Callie blinked. She wasn't going to miss any more. Especially what was right in front of her. She smiled. "Sure."

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