Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Frat castle

Frat Castle
I mean, ya'll, my friend Cheyenne is amazing. So today for my 5 word challenge I asked for a list of 5 random words and then asked people to tell me who to write about. So Cheyenne gave me this list:


And then told me to write about all the Disney princes in a Frat Castle.

Mind. Blown.

Best prompt EVER. So here we go...


These chips are mine. Do not eat them - Prince Charming. 

Kristoff crumpled the post-it note and tossed it aside. "What a douche," he said.

"Charming again?" Flynn asked.

"What's with that guy?" Kristoff asked. "He doesn't even go by a first name, just a title. He thinks he's all that cause his dad's a big shot."

Flynn rifled through the fridge and pulled out some carrots. "Here, go feed your pet. And you didn't hear it from me, but Phillip's complained to the house mom about him."

"Aw man." Kristoff grabbed the carrots and stalked off.

Flynn rummaged through the fridge. All this food, and nothing to eat. Maybe he could go to the frat house next door and steal something. He closed the door and turned, ramming his toe into an ice chest on the floor. What the heck? He lifted the lid and four live lobsters stared up at him. He picked one up.

"Hey!" Eric's voice rang out across the room. "Put down the lobster!"

Eric jumped over the coffee table and ran to Flynn, then ripped the crustacean from his hand.

"Geez man," Eric said. "It could be someone Ariel knows. You know I'm already out with her 'cause we went to that crawfish boil last week!"

Aladdin burst out laughing. "Duuuude, you are so in the dog house for that one!"

Eric clapped Aladdin on the back of the head. "Whatever man. Your woman gives you a hard time, too. She's always on your back about how you dress."

Aladdin looked down at his holey jeans and raggedy tshirt. Then he looked up and quirked an eyebrow. "Yeah, but I don't mind. My woman wears those cute shirts that show her belly button all the time."

Eric smirked. "Whatever bro. My woman can't even keep her shirt on. Says that many layers is superfluous. She's all the time walking around in her bikini top."

The door slammed open and Beast stalked in. He walked to the counter and with one swipe, knocked everything off.

"Duuuuude, what's got you in such a rage?" Aladdin asked.

"Stupid chemistry," Beast said. "I flunked my test." He sank into the couch with a huff. "I'm so sick of school, man."

"Yeah, but soon you'll be out," Phillip said. "And then you can get a job."

"I don't want a job!" Beast yelled. "I want adventure!"

"In the great wide somewhere?" snickered Phillip. "Man, you stole that line from Belle. Aurora and her are roommates. Belle tells her everything. And stop using my razor man, you clog it up with that mane of yours."

Beast growled and flipped on the Xbox.

Phillip glanced up at Eric. "Hey man, can I borrow your rowboat? Me and Aurora got a hot date this weekend."

Eric raised an eyebrow. "That girl's got it for you bad, huh?"

Phillip grinned. "She texted me this morning. Said she had a dream about me last night." He cocked his head. "You and Ariel are pretty serious by now, right?"

Eric sighed. "Yeah. She's getting clingy. Keeps saying she wants to be part of my world and crap. And you know she comes from the wrong side of the tracks. Her dad's gonna flip his lid when he finds out we're dating."

Phillip shrugged. "Who knows man, he might let her go and give his approval."

Eric ran a hand through his hair. "I don't know. That kind of stuff only happens in fairy tales."

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