Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Let's get personal

Wizards at Work

So today for 5 Word Wednesday I let people give me words and someone to write about. So my lovely coworker Cheyenne gave me these 5 words...

parking spot

...and told me to write about our mutual friend, Deanna. I mean really, this is child's play, because Deanna practically is a wizard. Her creativity knows no bounds. She is crazy talented. And I affectionately call her the Machine Whisperer, because her very presence forces all printers, computers, etc into submission. She is a gem. So here's a tale about Deanna.

Deanna whipped her car into the parking spot, then stared up at the sign in front of her. Wizards not welcome, it read.

Humph, huffed Deanna. We'll see about that.

She made her way to the tall building in front of her, the name - World Crises Headquarters - blazing across the front. Men in suits rushed all over the parking lot, but she continued unruffled, her flip flops flipping and flopping over the pavement, her painted toenails glistening in the sunshine.

The lobby fell silent as soon as she entered. Then secretaries and junior level workers buzzed in hushed, reverent tones. "She's here," they whispered.

Deanna cast a glance around the room. The paint was peeling off the walls, and a dead ficus tree sat crumpled in a corner, its leaves brown and strewn on the floor in front of it.

A man in a blue blazer stepped out to greet her. "Mrs. Carpenter," he said. "Do you need anything? Some coffee perhaps?"

"No, thank you," she replied with a gracious smile. "I eat accomplishment each morning with skim milk and a side of perfection. I don't do coffee."

She moved past him and climbed to the top floor on the spiraling staircase. The entire building came to a stop. Every eye turned to her. 

Deanna whispered words, and her essence filled the office building like a fog. Everything responded to her magic. Computers that had been sluggish zipped to life. Fax machines on the fritz mellowed out. Copiers churned out papers crisp and perfect. And from a conference room down the hall, creativity exploded in the minds of the junior marketing staff.

She descended once again to the lobby. The ficus tree in the corner now pushed its bright green leaves across half the room and had grown tall enough to rest against the vaulted ceiling. 

Deanna smiled. All in a hard day's work, she thought. Now, off to get a burger and run to Target. Then I'll squeeze in curing cancer before lunch.

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