Saturday, April 12, 2014

How writing is killing my hobby

So, writing life is busy right now.  I'm editing Book One, trying to finish the first draft of Book Two, working on a synopsis for both, and a query and researching agents, etc, etc.

I love it, but it's killing me, because it's robbing me of reading.

I haven't checked a book out from the library in a month.  I got an Advanced Reader Copy of Ann Brashare's "The Here and Now" that I have not finished.  I have the Throne of Glass novellas that I have not read.  And heaven help, Laini Taylor's last installment in the Daughter of Smoke and Bone series is on its way from Barnes and Noble to my doorstep, and I am a freak in that I must reread previous books in a series before I read the new one (because my brain is fluff and I forget things and I don't want to miss something, so I must reread the others!)

Have a gazillion books that I want to read.  I need to find a better balance between reading and writing.  I don't want to ruin my writing groove when I get in it, but taking a step back from it is essential and good stories are what makes me want to write anyway, so I need to keep feeding myself them.  And oh I want to.  It's just hard finding time between a full time job, a reno house, friends, exercise, chores, and a husband who I'd rather hang out with than do anything else.

Hang in there little Goodread's To Read List....I have not forgotten about you!

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