Friday, April 18, 2014

Meet my second MC

So, I'm introducing the characters in my book.  Last time, I introduced my main character, R.  Today, we move on to the men.

Meet A.

A is R's adopted Dad (remember he was married to her mom, but then when she left he went searching for her and found her illegitimate child instead).

A works for the King in a bodyguard/soldier/trained assassin type of way.  Think Navy Seals meets Secret Service meets Jack Bauer. A is a total bad@#* -forgive the crassness but really, that's the best way to describe him.

At first I pictured him like this:

Not quite rugged enough-
Not quite right, so I moved to this:

Ah, the beard makes it better
But then....I saw the movie Captain Phillips (which is a great movie by the way) and as soon as it showed the head Navy Seals guy, oh man-

Guy's real name is Max Martini

Yes, yes, yes-this is A.  As soon as I saw him in the movie, that is the thought that clanged loudly in my head.  You really get a feel when you watch the movie because the Navy Seals thing really adds to it.  And A is the captain of the Navy Seals-esque group of soldiers in my book. So this guy is a perfect representation for him.

A is hardened.  Bitter and mad as all get out when his wife left him.  Then overnight he became the father to a broken, bold, half starved 13 year old girl.  The man is trained and capable in so many ways, but sweet mercy, not for that.

Ah, but he rose to the challenge.  A is fierce and unyielding with his men, but gentle as can be with his daughter.  He can kill with his bare hands, but holds her tenderly when she wakes screaming from nightmares.
This is his anthem over his daughter

Protective? Overly.
Intolerant to disobedience? You better believe it.
Was he blessed with a mild daughter who always does as she's told?  Of course not.

But his love for her is just, ah, so unwavering and sweet.  Think this:

See that face? That's him with her.

Don't worry, he is not perfect.  A has fears that lurk under his skin too.  He struggles with rejection and feeling inadequate (darn that woman who left him!)  His fears end up being the weapon that drives a wedge between he and R.

He'd die to save her, but he can't save her from things that have already happened.  Powerlessness is a hard thing for him to bear.  And bear it he will have to.

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