Thursday, April 24, 2014

Meet my hunky love interest

So, it's interesting to me that when I first started writing my book, there was no love interest. None. Zip. It was just a story about a girl, and her father, and her past.

Somehow, M slipped in. I have no idea how he popped into my head. But one day there he was. And oh my, he would not leave. Sigh...such an M thing to do. He's crazy persistent.

M works for A (R's dad). So yes, he is a trained killer. Rugged. Navy Seals-esque. (Are you swooning yet?)  M's love for order and discipline is rivaled only by his loyalty to his King and Captain and fellow men in his company.  He thinks ridding the world of evil means keeping law breakers and assassins at bay, and he is trained to do just that.  Such a straight laced, play by the rules guy.

I always pictured him dark haired in my mind. This maybe:

Hunky, yes?

Or this, but with green eyes.

Little bit Robin Hood

M prides himself on being able to anticipate things and adjust at a moment’s notice so that he can protect what he has to.  His friendship with his captain’s handful of a daughter is proving to be something M can’t figure out or prevent from tilting his world on end.    His type A-ness does not know what to do with her.

Why yes he will
M doesn't understand just how much the horrors of R’s past affect her, and as his relationship with his captain’s feisty daughter deepens, M has a hard time figuring out where his loyalties lie and what he’s really fighting against.  

Tough, duty-bound boy will go against everything he's loyal to for her. 


His falling for her is beautiful. I've read it a bazillion times, and it still makes me swoon. Sigh...

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