Wednesday, July 9, 2014

5 Word Wednesday Results!


Five word Wednesday!  This week I chose Jen's list of words:

optimus prime

Here we go:

Optimus Prime.
Wasn’t that his name? Or was that the other guy? The yellow one that locked Shia Labeouf inside. She’d like to be locked with Shia Labeouf inside something. 
The alarm woke her, it’s shrill tones screaming at her and chasing away the remnants of her dream. Blair lifted a hand off the bed without looking and hit the alarm repeatedly until finally she found the right button and it turned off. Gosh, mornings sucked.
Maybe it was a mistake. Maybe it was really Saturday, and she could sleep in, awakened not by the garish alarm but the smell of mom making waffles downstairs. She sniffed hard, but nothing but the smell of unwashed sheets and her own lingering BO filled her nose. Nope. Definitely a weekday.
She ran a hand through her hair, the bun she’d stuffed it in last night now loose and spilling brown curls around her shoulders. Owen would be here soon to pick her up. Mmm. Owen. No wonder she’d been dreaming of hot guys and cars. Owen drove a beat up rust bucket, but hey, it was a car. Owen didn’t care that his car was a beat up piece of crap. He rolled out of bed and came to school with his hair barely combed and his shirt wrinkled. Blair blew a stray piece of hair out of her face. Maybe that should bother her. He wasn’t picky about his cars or his looks; maybe he wasn’t picky about his girls. It would explain how he’d somehow chosen her.
Owen was the total package. He held her hand at school, texted her sweet stuff all the time, and could collapse her into a fit of giggles with his jokes. He was the word adorable in masculine form, stretched out into a six two frame and chiseled into muscles. Could words be chiseled into muscles? If Owen was a word, he was adorable.
What the heck did he see in her? Once the film was lifted off his eyes he’d see her for what she was: a dopey sophomore who told corny jokes, was too much a wimp to watch horror movies, and too terrified to go anywhere past second base with him. He’d figure it out eventually and they’d be over faster than a Kardashian marriage.
Blair sighed. Clearly a druggie had crept into her room and given her a shot of something that made her thoughts wonky. If she were a word she knew what it would be. Basket case.

What do you think?

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