Wednesday, July 23, 2014

It's Wednesday!!

5 Word Wednesday is back!  My lovely friend Sara gave a super hard list, and being the weirdo that I am, I decided to use hers. It was a tough one. I had to google "ermine" and still couldn't think of a good way to use it. But here you go! 

Sara's 5 Words: 

liver oil

Here's the story I came up with:

Sadie turned the word over in her head. What the heck was an ermine? Geez, she’d studied for the SAT’s for months and at this point knew so much useless vocabulary she could probably write an entire book filled with words that made no sense whatsoever to normal people. And of course on the day of the real test she gets some crazy word she doesn’t know.
She glanced over the list of answers and quickly filled one in. Dear gosh, she was going to fail her SAT’s. And not for lack of studying. Judging by the pallor of her skin you’d think she hadn’t seen sunlight in years. It sure felt like it. She’d become such a jittery pile of nerves preparing for the test, her mom had exploded in full fledged hippy mode in recent weeks. Each morning she’d heap things onto Sadie with the intent of helping her be her best. Vitamins (tolerable). Spinach smoothies (Vile). Cod liver oil (Disgusting).
Mom was all too pleased to help. As if marrying husband #3 after six months of dating him could be made up for with healthy junk that made Sadie’s stomach quiver and her gag reflex kick in. Mom wanted them all to be a family.
As if. Sadie had better chances sprouting a horn and becoming a unicorn.
Becoming a family with Mom and Mr. “I work to put food on the table so get me another beer” was not on Sadie’s list of acceptable futures. College? Now that was a different story. Get in, get the darn thing paid for since Mom had money for organic vegetables and essential oils but not for her only kid, move far away from her mom and her issues, and life would be good.
The only thing standing in Sadie’s way was this darn freakin’ test.  She rolled her shoulders and took a breath. Easy. She could do her best, and if she got a horrible score, she’d take it over. A do-over.
She fought the urge to laugh out loud. She knew all too well that life didn’t allow do-overs.

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