Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Wednesday's Words!


There must have been some sort of mind altering chemical in the air today because ya'll came up with the craziest lists of words. Heavens.

I ended up going with my honey bun's list. Here were his five words, and the story I came up with:


Summer pulled the comforter down from her face and listened. Was that the doorbell? She muted the TV. Yep, there it was again.
She picked up her phone to check the time. 3:32. At least she’d slept some. Her head had started pounding first thing this morning. The slight ache in her throat she had ignored, and gone to school anyway. Junior english was kicking her tail as it was; she couldn’t miss. But the ache in her throat grew, like a slow itch you overlook at first but then couldn’t. She’d left school after second period. Mom had wanted to leave work to take care of her. Good grief, as if she was a first grader who needed coddling. Summer had told her no, eaten a bowl of canned soup, then fell asleep on the couch.
The doorbell rang again. Sighing, she stood and wrapped her comforter around her like a robe. She shuffled across the room, her head pounding with each step. It was probably some kid selling cookies. Or the Mormons. She pulled open the front door. Blake Eastley stood on her front door.
My gosh, she was hallucinating. Fever was surely eating her brain.
Blake gave her a small smile. “Hi.”
Can hallucinations smile? Summer cocked her head to the side. “Hi.”
“Eve said you went home sick.” He glanced at the pink comforter she had around her. The one with the purple flowers on it. Oh my heck. Heat crept into Summer’s face. Blake held a binder up in his hand. “I brought you notes from English.”
Summer blinked. Blake Eastley brought her notes? Blake Eastley who was captain of the soccer team, and who the girls in school all gossiped about because he was so dang cute, brought her notes. What parallel world was she living in? Surely she was just a practice in philanthropy. Blake Eastley wasn’t just popular, he was nice. He probably brought notes to everyone.
“Thanks.” She glanced up at him. “You didn’t have to.”
“I wanted to.” He glanced down the front porch and then back to her. “Plus I wanted to see how you were feeling.”
Surely her body temperature was 200 degrees, and it had nothing to do with her fever. She smiled. “That’s really sweet of you.”
Blake smiled down at her-my gosh, he was so tall-his tentative smile now replaced with a lopsided grin. 
Summer held the door open. “I may have viral plague and be contagious, but do you want to come in?”
Blake grinned. “Love to.” He put his arm above her head, holding the door while she backed back into the living room.
Ohmygosh ohmygosh. Blake Eastley was in her living room. Had brought her notes because he heard she was sick. Summer sucked in a deep breath, her heart now rattling inside of her. Holy crap. Blake Eastley liked her. Junior year had started out so bland and ordinary, but it was about to get shaken up. Blond haired, blue eyed Blake Eastley was about to cause some major seismic changes to her life.

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