Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Five Word Wednesday: results!

Thanks for all who gave me words to work with--this was fun! I was feeling particularly creative and decided to use all of the words I got via the blog and Facebook. The dogs are outside, I have banana bread baking, and I have time. So here's the list of words.

Iphone nap
remote control
yoga mat

Here's my story:

Maggie sat up on her elbow and chucked her Iphone away from her.  She needed to study, not check her phone. Her eyes flickered over her textbook, the words blurring together in a sea of ink. Good grief. She needed a nap. Or coffee. The sun shone bright today and she'd dragged her yoga mat onto the library lawn in a last attempt at making the words stick. At this point she might as well not be reading, the book as useful to her brain as the bowl of half eaten cereal she’d left on the counter this morning was to her blood sugar.
She’d crammed last night, stuffing the material in. But her brain had enough, exploding the way bubblewrap did when her mom used to her let pop it after opening packages from her grandma in Chicago. She traced the words on the open page now with her fingernail.
This was pointless.
Professor Sharp’s midterm was supposedly killer, and unless someone did emergency surgery on her brain and swapped it with someone else, she was going to be lucky to pull off a C. Not that the subject was hard. No, what was hard was having Ben Myles sit right in front of her. Just seeing his t-shirts pull across the lean muscles of his back stopped her brain from functioning, as if his lats were a remote control that clicked her mind off.
Every class it happened.  Muscles seen, Political Economics off, cue tractor trailer of lustful thoughts plowing through her brain.
Then, oh then, if Professor Sharp handed out papers, Ben Myles would turn around, all smiles and eyes as deep as swimming pools and dark as storm clouds, and her heart would fly like a thirteen year old’s while he handed the stack of papers to her.
He probably thought she was an idiot. If he thought about her at all. Maggie shut her book and glanced at her phone again. What if he did think about her? She closed her eyes, sealing off the image of Ben from any other competing thoughts. What if he sat through class, taking in nothing because he couldn’t stop thinking about her? Maybe he was somewhere right now, trying to cram, but unable to, because he couldn’t stop thinking about the girl that sat behind him, hoping he’d get to turn around today to pass her a paper.
It could happen, right? Maggie scoffed and sighed. Ridiculousness.

What do you think?

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